Berdan Sharpshooters from The Collectors Showcase

Berdan Sharpshooters were an American Civil War regiment of sharpshooters named after Col. Hiram Berdan (1823-1893). The 1st and 2nd regiment were selected from various Northern states in 1861, through a rigorous test of placing 10 consecutive shots in a 10″ space about 200 yards away without use of a scope. Believe it or not, enough people were able to accomplish this task to create 18 companies within 2 regiments. The regiments marched to their first battle dressed in forest green jackets, trousers, and caps. Each sharpshooter was armed with a 5 shot Colt revolving rifle. Berdan sharpshooters were placed strategically on the battlefield to pick-off officers and distinguished people from the South. The Berdan Sharpshooters made their mark in the Battle of Yorktown. They were also key to the success of the North in the Battle of Gettysburg, as they held stalled the Confederate advance on Devils Den. The Collectors Showcase have released three sets of figures modeled from the Berdan Sharpshooters. There are three soldiers per set. And only a total of 300 of each set will be produced. The sets are: Sharpshooters Firing, Sharpshooters Loading and Sharpshooters Command. Learn more about these great ACW figures from

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