Britains Set No. 163, Boy Scout Signallers

Boy Scout Signallers, Post war 1954 – 1959, set number 163, contained five Boy Scout figures with rotating arms holding semaphore signal flags that could rotate in a full circle to form any semaphore signal.

The Scouts in Post war sets wear olive-drab shirts and shorts, with brown belts, black knee socks, olive-drab Boy Scout style wide brim hats, with brown hatbands, brown shoes, and either red, green, or yellow neckerchiefs.

As unique as these figures are, the box lid drawing by Fred Whisstock is even more unique, because in the title, “Boy Scout Signallers,” the word SCOUT is spelled out in semaphore.

Adding to the uniqueness of this label’s graphics is the printed border that shows the entire semaphore alphabet, numbers, and some of the most common conventional signals.

In producing this set Britains may have unknowningly helped to encourage many young Scouts to use the set in completing the difficult task of memorizing semaphore code. Yet, one thing is certain: this set of Britains Boy Scout figures with fully rotating arms held great play value for any boy growing up in the mid to late 1950s.

Photo courtesy of Old Toy Soldier

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