New Jersey Art Foundry Demolished

New Jersey Art Foundry, 443 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City
Jersey City, June 24, 2011–New Jersey Art Foundry’s nondescript brick commercial building, where the toy soldier and toy vehicle molds for Barclay, Manoil and other American Dimestore makers were manufactured, was bulldozed and the land upon which it stood for over 70 years has been cleared.

For as long as I remember the building located at 443 Tonnele Ave., (U.S. 1 & 9 South) stood empty. Only some of its neglected signage, Fine French Sand Castings offered a clue to the thousands of motorists who passed by daily as to what once took place inside it walls.
New Jersey Art Foundry Demolished on June 23, 2011
John Janitschek founded New Jersey Art Foundry and was associated with his two sons, Adolph and Rudolph, in running the business until he became ill, about 1940. John Janitschek died in May of 1945 and the business was carried on by his sons.

Unfortunately, not much of any documentation has survived

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