Barclay’s Mystery No. 50 Ambulance

Mystery Unnumbered (unmarked) Ambulance

A collector friend of mine, Steve Sauchelli,, turned up what appears to be an unnumbered (unmarked) version of the Barclay large ambulance #50. Both ambulances are exactly the same size and share the same front grill, window, and side curtain details.

However, crosses on the unmarked version are inverted instead of embossed. Also, the unmarked ambulance does not have the three small bars on it’s underside, near the rear opening of the front casting sprue hole, as the marked version does. The unmarked ambulance is not marked in any way. Paint and rubber wheels appear identical on both ambulances.

Barclay unmarked Ambulance unique details:
1. Cross on each side is inverted.
2. Does not have the three small bars at rear opening of front casting  sprue hole.
3. No lettering of any kind.
4. Paint appears to have a gray undercoating.

Barclay No. 50 Ambulance

Numbered Ambulance unique details:

1. Cross on each side is raised.
2. Has three small bars at rear opening of front casting sprue hole.
3. Is marked (embossed) “Made USA” on its right rear fender bottom.
4. Is marked (embossed) “Barclay #50” on its left rear fender bottom.

Unmarked Ambulance bottom

Steve says…..  if the unmarked toy turns out to be original….  since it is undercoated, and I’m guessing that would be so the white paint adheres better…..   was that a standard production operation?  If not, and this was done special, could this be a prototype or a salesman’s sample?  This kind of puzzle is one of the things I enjoy most about the hobby.     —Steve

Barclay No. 50 Ambulance bottom

I think the unmarked version is a very early version of Barclay’s No. 50. As lettering could only have been added later to the mold. As for the crosses: the inverted cross would be more difficult to hand paint? The mold could have been easily reworked so the castings produced from it would have raised crosses. I’m at a loss for the reason why three thin bars were added to its underside.  But what’s your take on this ambulance? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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  1. It looks like a real early version I have seen other Barclay vehicles with ribs on the underside that look the same and they were real old ones too.Great find I wish I had it!!!


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