Daniel Morgan’s Rifle Company & John Lamb’s Artillery Company To Participate at The East Coast Toy Soldier Show

Daniel Morgan’s Rifle Company and John Lamb’s Artillery Company are modern reincarnations of units which fought as members of the Continental Army during the American War for Independence.

The two companies are member units of the Brigade of the American Revolution and of the Continental Line and the artillery company is a member of the British Brigade. These are umbrella organizations devoted to reenacting the Revolution.

Both units are actively recruiting new members and will be participating at our show in authentic Revolution dress, such as typical riflemen’s broad brimmed hats cocked up on the left side, shirt and rifle frock, trousers and shoes or moccasins. Artillerymen wear uniforms of blue faced buff wool regimental coats, buff weskits and knee breeches.

Their participation in our show, proves that our show is more than a toy soldier show. It’s an event where history comes alive.

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