A New Birth For Britains Old Set #73

A New Birth For Britains Set #73 By Art and Addie Ward At an auction of Britains and other toy soldiers some years back we saw something we had never seen before: a gigantic empty red wooden box with a beautiful black and gold Wm. Britains’ label proclaiming the toys within to be Set 73! […]

Britains’ Forever!

Standing on each castle wall, Beaten battered, Britains all, Faces chipped but standing tall, Wait to hear their ancient call, “Come again with us to play. Together we will win the day.” A proud confession by Art Ward, Venerable Britains’ collector since 1935!

Sierra Toy Soldiers TV Spot

This is a segment about Sierra Toy Soldiers Company from the Best of the Bay Television show on KRON4 in San Francisco.

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Three New Sets From Beau Geste, of Argentina

Beau Geste has just released three new sets: 229, Silver Horns Band from Cutch, Delhi Durbar, 1903 230, Italian Bersaglieri on Pony, Boxer Rebellion 231, German Mounted Light Dragoons, WWI Visit their site to learn more: www.beau-geste.com

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Eminent Victorian Toys

A portion of the Wall Street Journal article… Many of the toys express Victorians’ belief in self-improvement. “Dolls and dolls’ houses taught girls how to look after children and homes, and toy soldiers taught boys about patriotism and history,” Full Article Here

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