37th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale

Get ready to join thousands of your fellow collectors and hobbyists at the 37th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show and Sale, Sunday, November 3rd, 2019!

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Blog | Jun 30

2013 East Coast Toy Soldier Show Date, Sunday November 3, 2013

Our next show is on for Sunday, November 3, 2013. Please note that we will no longer be posting on this web site, using this domain name. Please visit our new site: www.eastcoasttoysoldiershow.com, by clicking the following highlighted text EAST COAST TOY SOLDIER SHOW.

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Scouting and Toy Soldiers A Great Combination!

On Friday, October 21, I had the great honor to give a presentation on Toy Soldiers to Cub Scout Pack 2, Cedar Grove, NJ. Forty-five Cub Scouts, and their parents were in attendance.
The presentation consisted of two eight-foot tables, with toy soldiers on display from all era’s, including American Dimestores, Britains, G.I. Joes and even a vintage Marx Playset.

We originally planned to give the Power Point presentation, Collecting Toy Soldiers (Miniatures)provided by Bob Wintermeier of Spillway Toy Soldiers, but when we realized that the Cub Scouts were a bit too young and too active for them to sit still we had them stand in front of the displays where we enjoyed a lengthy question and answer session.

One question was very telling and that was when one Scout asked: “How do the Toy Soldiers on display move?” He couldn’t believe that they didn’t move on their own and that they had to be moved by hand.

The presentation began at 7:30 and ended at 8:30 pm. A great time was had by all. At the end of the evening each Scout received a current issue of OTS magazine, courtesy of OTS, and a toy soldier courtesy of The East Coast Toy Soldier Show. We hope to see some of the Scouts at our upcoming show, as we continue our policy of offering free admission to all Scouts in uniform.

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New Toy Soldier to be Modeled After Prince Harry‎

Through out the years, famous people and personalities have always been used as models for toy soldiers. And now toy and train model company Hornby is using Prince Harry of England as a model for a toy soldier that will go on sale next year.

The company is using a famous image of the prince on patrol in the Helmand Province in 2008 to ensure that the plastic soldier’s weapons, equipment and uniform are accurate. It is not expected the soldier will resemble the prince facially.

The figurine will be one of six soldiers in the British Army in Afghanistan range, which will go on sale next year. Toy tanks and helicopters will also be sold as part of the range. The soldiers will be produced in 1:48 scale and will be sold under the Airfix brand. Click here to read more….

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New Toy Soldier Show Web Site by the Marx-Man

Check out a great new web site set up by our friend John Stengle, The Marx-Man. It’s devoted to the promotion of toy soldier shows and aptly named www.toysoldierpromo.com Click this highlighted text to learn more.

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Use Common Sense When Buying Old Toy Soldiers On-Line

There is no shortage of Toy Soldiers being offered in on-line auctions, but buyers should acquire some wisdom before wading into on-line auctions’ murky waters. Wrong and inaccurate descriptions, the over-use of words “rare” and “scarce”, as well as repainted and restored figures being offered as mint condition original factory production, tend to confuse all but the most knowledgeable collector. Some over-used deceptive phrases such as’ “I really don’t know much about this piece,” or “What you see is what you get,” are always suspect. What’s your opinion?

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Blog | Aug 8

New Jersey Art Foundry Demolished

New Jersey Art Foundry, 443 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City
Jersey City, June 24, 2011–New Jersey Art Foundry’s nondescript brick commercial building, where the toy soldier and toy vehicle molds for Barclay, Manoil and other American Dimestore makers were manufactured, was bulldozed and the land upon which it stood for over 70 years has been cleared.

For as long as I remember the building located at 443 Tonnele Ave., (U.S. 1 & 9 South) stood empty. Only some of its neglected signage, Fine French Sand Castings offered a clue to the thousands of motorists who passed by daily as to what once took place inside it walls.
New Jersey Art Foundry Demolished on June 23, 2011
John Janitschek founded New Jersey Art Foundry and was associated with his two sons, Adolph and Rudolph, in running the business until he became ill, about 1940. John Janitschek died in May of 1945 and the business was carried on by his sons.

Unfortunately, not much of any documentation has survived

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1956 Video Newsreel Film Features Actor Peter Cushing With Toy Soldiers

Check out this video from 1956 of British actor Peter Cushing, enthusiastic member of British Model Soldier Society, collects, makes and plays with toy soldiers from all periods of military history. He plays with his toys in accordance to the rules laid down by H. G. Wells in his book ‘Little Wars’.

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Britains Limited 1935 Stock Certificate

Britains Limited 1935 Stock Certificate
A genuine Britains Limited stock certificate, issued 1935. This rarity would make a great conversation piece in any Britains collection. Its display possibilities are limited only to ones imagination. Yet, an original Britains stock certificate is much more than a striking conversation piece. It’s an historical document issued long ago
by the premier toy soldier company.

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Tootsietoy Renault Tank

Tootsietoy’s diecast miniature toy version of the Renault tank first appeared in Tootsietoy’s 1931 catalog and was numbered #4647. It was described as being a: “Reproduction in miniature of the latest Caterpillar Tank from specifications furnished by the U.S.
Govt. War Dept.”

The Renault T-17 tank was developed during the later years of the first World War. It was the brainchild of French General Jean-Baptiste Vintage Tootsietoy Renault TankEstienne and weighed seven tons, traveled at 6 mph and carried a two-man crew. It was the first tank to be fitted with a revolving turret.

Tootsietoy’s miniature Renault tank is fairly accurate in detail and close to being 3/16″ scale. Tootsietoy produced it in a variety of finishes, including various camouflages.

So many were produced back in the 1930s & 1940s that they still turn up today at toy shows, flea-markets and, of course, eBay; however, their original rubber tracks (treads) are invariably, either missing, rock hard or have been replaced. Many of them have either been fully restored or repainted. Often they are overpriced, so “caveat emptor” is the name of the game.

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