March of the Toy Soldiers

Spencer Morgan

Photo Courtesy of Spencer Morgan

When ever I’m interviewed by the media one standard question they never fail to ask is: “Why do adult men collect toy soldiers?”, and my standard reply is: “Because they (toy soldiers) act like a bridge
to our past; a bridge to our childhood.”

I guess that’s a pretty accurate answer because so many men share a similar response. Oh sure, there’s the history aspect of toy soldiers. As they reflect all era’s of history in miniature, but
for most of us it’s the warm childhood memories of playing with toy soldiers that keep us collecting.

Collecting toy soldiers; picking them up; holding them in our hands; arranging them in table top dioramas, and even sharing toy soldier conversations with our fellow collectors help us to escape from our day-to-day concrete and electronic world and return us to our childhood.

And so goes a recent article in The New York Observer about Bill Jackey who rediscovered toy soldiers about 12 years ago and has since collected an army of 10,000.
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